This speculation about a Flemish portrait that might or might not be young Henry VIII has been moved to my separate history blog, The Dragonhound. Click on this link here to go to the post.

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  1. Kate says:

    Oooh cold water time. I’m not convinced by the coats of arms: one is a mirror image of the other, and I think that matters in heraldry. ‘Safely say’ is also a bit rushed: what likelihood is there that this artist was near Prince Henry location when the prince was that age? But otherwise, very intriguing suggestions!

    • Thank you, Kate! (Sorry, for some reason I need to approve comments before they appear, and I have no idea how to get rid of that feature…)

      I don’t think the coat of arms is a mirror image, actually: at first sight the right upper corner looks like it’s fleurs-de-lys, but if you zoom in on the image and look closely (especially at the lower left quarter, which is clearer) those quarters are definitely lions passant guardant and the background appears red. The darker bluish-black quarters are hard to make out, so it’s impossible to say whether there are any fleurs-de-lys there.

      I agree that ‘safe to say’ is definitely rushed – and badly phrased! I only meant that if the coat of arms does turn out to be the Royal Arms of England, Henry VIII is the only person it could possibly be at this time period. All sources date this painting circa 1520 (give or take a few years) and Henry’s only brother had died in 1502, after all. (Not to mention that the coat of arms of the Prince of Wales is different from the coat of arms of the King, but that’s of course impossible to see from this photo…)

      But yes, this is mere speculation still, so I’d better rephrase that sentence…!

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