14. 01. 2015

Why, hello there. I’m Leena, a 33-year-old creature from Finland, and this is my chimeric blog. Like the dragonhound on the right, this blog is a slightly odd little hybrid of specific but separate niches. I’m lucky, though, that the categories I’m in commonly overlap: history geek – bookworm – sewing and needlework hobbyist. Perhaps some of the following will appeal to you, so do read on.

History. My main focus is England circa 1440-1485, but I started a new blog for that: The Dragonhound.

I’m also interested in the late 18th and early-to-mid-19th centuries, but this interest is not as all-consuming and all-encompassing as the above. It’s mainly cultural and literary; for me, this has been the age of the novel since I was a teenager.

Sewing and Needlework. I’m a relative newcomer to the Sisterhood of the Needle, as an old sewing book once charmingly described it, but I like to learn new skills and I find working with fabrics and yarns very soothing. Meditative, I might say. I’m inspired by historic needlework, vintage sewing patterns and books, all kinds of old things, the natural world. . . animals (especially canines) and green things that grow. Everything that’s fun and pretty and fascinating. Oh, and recycled materials: I want my hobby to be as ecological as possible.

I most likely won’t be making a lot of everyday clothes for myself, as my wants are few and I’m an extremely boring dresser. There are other bloggers who sew wonderful contemporary clothes much better than I ever could. I’m interested in vintage tailoring, and I’d love to do historical costuming one day. I’m also intrigued by historically inspired Japanese street fashions: I love the idea of costumes that can be worn in the everyday life, though I certainly don’t have the guts to wear anything of the sort myself.

On top of this, I enjoy making cute everyday clothes for children, though I don’t have children of my own!

Vintage. What can I say? I adore things with a history, and it warms my heart when things are used again and again.

Books. I like reading them; I aspire to write them. Don’t worry, I won’t be talking too much about the writing part. The reading is more interesting.

Gluten-free and Sugar-free Recipes. Well, this part sounds very random, doesn’t it? But I like delicious, sweet things, and as a Coeliac with a sugar problem I struggle to find recipes that are both gluten- and sugar-free (and use natural sweeteners), so I’ve decided to create my own. Whenever I come up with a rare success, I will post the recipe here, as I’m sure there are others scouring the internet for such recipes as desperately as I am. The occasional recipe every few months aren’t enough to make a food blog of their own, and thus these recipes will just have to sit uncomfortably between the history and sewing posts.

I tend to use a combination of agave and erythritol, and sometimes stevia. These are the only sweeteners that agree with me. I know some people are wary of agave nowadays, but I believe it’s all about finding out what works for you. I’m not a diabetic, so I can’t tell if my recipes are any good for those with diabetes or insulin resistance. My own problem is low blood glucose. When I eat foods with added sugar, my blood glucose drops abnormally low afterwards, and I get very unpleasant symptoms associated with hypoglycaemia. Sweetening my sweet treats with erythritol, stevia, and agave – in reasonable amounts – keeps my blood glucose in good balance.


A note about affiliate links. If I’d wanted to monetise my blog, I probably shouldn’t have started such a peculiar niche salad to begin with. However, I’m going to use affiliate links to my favourite online bookshop, Wordery.